Search Engines Can Provide You With The Means To Create A Business


More than seven out of ten people that go on search engines have no interest in advertisements, but instead favor clicking onto organic links. For someone interested in starting a business in the internet marketing field, this is significant because it means that search engines can be used as the target for marketing services that you can buy and then sell to your clients. If you work with techniques like search engine optimization or social media, then you will initially be selling services that help to manipulate search engines to produce more favorable results for your clients.

Remember that it is on the first page of results from any search engines where 75 percent of people will ultimately find what they are looking for and since these people typically do not bother going past the first page, you can make a very viable business out of helping your customers to have their business be on that first page of results every time. The easiest way that you can do this without causing any great hardship to yourself is by becoming an SEO reseller. By reselling SEO, you can offer your customers an excellent way to naturally raise their search engine rating simply by presenting optimization techniques to help link their websites to the search results that are brought about based on the keywords that any internet users type.

Using online marketing techniques like SEO to promote your business is smart because the technique presents leads with a near 15 percent close rate which is a tremendous amount higher than print advertising that has a pathetic close rate of less than 2 percent . Moreover, more than 50 percent of dollars that get spent in the American retail sector will be influenced some way by internet marketing and online presence by 2016. This means that your industry would be a growing one.

Brick and mortar stores are having a tough time keeping up with online retailers because of increased connectivity through tablets and smartphones which are keeping consumers more informed. This makes the need for SEO services more prevalent than ever. By helping to make your clients’ websites ripe for search engines, you can help them to be ready for whatever may come in the future.

The best part about being a reseller is that you will never have to really learn them. Instead, you can be content with buying and reselling. Your customers will love you for it all the same.

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