Why Is SEO More Effective Than Print Marketing?

Learning the seo trade

What are the best marketing strategies for your business? Well, the answer isn’t quite so simple. Everything from the type of product you’re selling to your ideal audience factors into finding the most efficient marketing strategy. But what if I told you there was a form of advertising that not only fits your brand, but fits most businesses, big or small? SEO, an acronym for ‘search engine optimization’, uses popular search engines to seek out would-be customers and redirect them to your business website. It’s simple, organic and extremely effective — you’ll never want to go back to print or banners!

Benefits Of E-Marketing

While physical banners and animated advertisements aren’t obsolete by any means, many customer surveys have found them rapidly falling out of favor. It’s been found that 70%, and as high as 80%, of users will ignore paid ads entirely to instead focus on organic, personal results. Search engines are a prime way of grabbing attention, as over 90% of online experiences begin with a simple click on Google or Yahoo.

Inbound v.s. Outbound

Search engine optimization puts less economic strain on businesses, as it functions by encouraging customers to search directly for what they want to buy instead of spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on expensive campaigns. Outbound leads, such as cold calls or paid advertisements, cost more in the long run and are less likely to attract and hold a customer’s attention. SEO lead the pack at a whopping 14% close rate, compared to direct mail or print advertising at 1.7%. If you’ve considered utilizing your marketing skills for a future career you could also…

Learn The SEO Trade

You don’t have to just buy SEO services — you can sell them, too! To be the best SEO reseller around you need to have a strong background in writing, marketing and social media. Businesses are routinely looking for the best ways to increase their bottom line and cultivate loyal customer bases, in which you can step in and help them with using the Internet to their advantage. With these statistics and tips in your back pocket, there’s nothing stopping you from being able to learn the SEO trade and finding large SEO reseller revenue!

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